Friday, June 26, 2015


Loving- This summer so far! It has only been one week since school has been out but we have been having such a good time and doing so much. I feel like last summer we didn't do too much and for some reason I wasn't even motivated to, there was a lot going on personally for me so that could have been the reason why. I know a lot of people don't like the busyness that summer can bring but we have two months full of activities and traveling and camping and fun days with friends lined up, and I really love that and wouldn't have it any other way.

Watching- We are slowly making our way through the new season of Orange is the new black. We are both completely hooked on this show. 

Reading- I only get a chance to read at night right before I fall asleep so it usually takes me a little while to finish a book, but I finally finished Scary Close by Donald Miller. Such a great read. Now I am working my way through a bunch of samples I have my kindle. I am really picky with what I read and I have to be completely into the book to read it and I haven't decided what to start next. 

Looking forward to- A few things. Our trip to Maine and then our trip to the Cape. We went to Florida lat February but we didn't do a vacation last summer so I am definitely looking forward to our upcoming summer trips. 

I wasn't planning on taking the summer off from school but about a week ago, after talking with Josh, we decided it would be good for me to take a little time off. My current classes end soon and I am really looking forward to this break and not spending all my time on school work. I am looking forward to enjoying the summer with my girls and Josh and family and friends. My girls are only little for so long and it will be nice to have six weeks of just concentrating on them. 

Listening to- The girls and I love the songs, honey I'm good and lean on right now. I love music and I always have the radio on at home or my playlists on in the car when I'm driving alone or when the girls aren't listening to My Little Pony songs. I just downloaded the old Dixie Chicks albums and forgot how much I used to love them! So many memories from back when I was in my early twenties- crazy how fast these years have gone by!

Working on- Myself. We are all a work in progress, right? Getting out of certain habits and into new and healthier ones is one of my main goals right now. Changing certain things that I have been doing (or not doing) for so long is hard work really, and although I'm not afraid of hard work certain things are not coming easy to me and I am working on them. It is changing a lifestyle that you are so used to and have done for years and years and years. It doesn't just happen overnight that's for sure. I am also working on being more patient and watching my tone with the girls and not letting the little things bother me. I know I will never be a "perfect" mom and there is no such thing, but I know the kind of mom I want to be and for the most part I am, but of course there are times when I let things overwhelm me or stress me out and I am too hard on myself and have doubts and wonder if I did enough or gave enough of myself or my full attention to them or if I was there enough or made them feel loved and heard's an ongoing battle I have with myself and I think it's because I just want to make sure they feel so much love and feel safe and happy. It really is such a huge responsibility to make sure our kids feel all of that and more. 

A few photos from my phone and a video from our afternoon at the lake yesterday. 

Have a great weekend! 

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