Wednesday, November 26, 2014

our everyday moments right now

We are a newly family of four with an almost two year old and an almost six year old. It's the end of November where we just had our first snow fall and it's starting to feel like winter. We start our day by waking Nicole in the morning and seeing her in her crib reading books or acting silly or just hanging out, always greeting us with a smile and always happy in the morning. Kennadie wakes me up early on the weekends wanting to get up for the day and wants to play my little pony on my phone or use siri.Our everyday moments right now are hearing Kennadie's feet pat across the hallway into our room because she had a bad dream. It is changing Nicole's diapers and kissing boo-boo's and naps for Nicole. It is baby chub on Nicole and long legs on Kennadie. It is waiting outside for the bus each morning and picking up Kennadie at the end of the school day. Our days are filled with coffee and school work and to-do lists. Right now Nicole loves minnie mouse and elmo and dora and pushing strollers and baby dolls. Right now Kennadie loves my little ponies and equestria girls and monster high and riding the dora bike (that sadly she is outgrowing) all over the house and hoarding papers everywhere all over the house and making books and crafts and asking how to spell words and adding and talking a lot. Our everyday moments right now are listening Christmas music on the radio and reading books in Kennadie's bed at night.
Kennadie wanted her hair cut again :)

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