Thursday, November 6, 2014


Sometimes the days seem long. The days where nothing seems to get done and where I wake up late rushing to get Kennadie to school. The days where I pick up the house for what seems like the fiftieth time, switching load-after-load of laundry, and where I can see the pile of dishes out of the corner of my eye that I have been ignoring, hoping they would somehow magically make their way into the dishwasher on their own. The days where I dread looking at my email and to-do-list and where whining seems to be the theme for the day. These days leave me feeling disconnected and tense and quick to give snappy one word answers.

After school we headed outside to the front yard. If we lived close enough to the beach and in a state that had warm weather year-round that would be the place we would go to, but we make due with what we have and the cool fall weather and the colors that surround us and the front yard works almost as well.

I watched the girls play and I got behind my camera to snap a few photos (something that I definitely don't do as often as I would like) and the stress and weight on my shoulders released and I was able to let go. I put my camera down after a few minutes and played some princess game that Kennadie made up and I was left feeling full and satisfied and content.

There are times where I feel like I am not good enough or that I didn't do enough, but I think everyone deals with that from time-to-time and it helps me see what's really important. 

When I get behind my camera it does something to me. I let go of everything and I am present in the moment and I get to fill up doing something that I absolutely love to do and I get to capture moments so they will never be forgotten. The same happens to me when I spend time with my girls and when I am completely in the moment with them- I think we all fill up on what we need.

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