Thursday, November 13, 2014


Reading- I love reading other people's stories and reading about what they have been through and getting a glimpse into their lives. I am not sure how I found The Common Secret by Susan Wicklund but it popped up on my kindle a week ago and I am almost done with it which says a lot because I really only get time to read in bed before I fall asleep. This book has kept my interest from the first page and is heartbreaking and honest and beautiful. I would highly recommend it.

Watching- The shows we watch are saved on the DVR or we watch Netflix or Hulu and are all pretty much saved for the weekends. I am a documentary fanatic and we finally found Closure on Hulu Plus and I can't say enough good things about this movie. It's a documentary about adoption and is so emotional and powerful and it was so incredibly well done. Probably my favorite documentary ever. Love, love, love it! Right now I am also watching True Tori because I just love Tori Spelling and she seems so down to earth and like a person you would want in your life as a best friend, she just seems so sweet. We are watching the final season of Parenthood, of course and I am definitely not looking forward to this being over for good. I will catch up on episodes of Snookie and Jwoww while Josh goes downstairs to run and workout because they make me laugh so hard and I love it. And we both still totally love The Voice.

Loving- There is so much I am loving right now. A few weeks ago Josh was finally permanently hired as Postmaster and I couldn't be happier for him. He has worked so hard for this and completely deserves it. Plus he officially has weekends off always now so that is a huge plus to this job. I am loving watching Kennadie and Nicole's relationship and how they play and interact; it's beautiful and precious and just awesome. Loving the way Nicole runs to Josh when he gets home from work and hugs his legs and calls out, "Dada, Dada!". Loving the new thing that Josh does at night with the girls- putting techno music on his phone and the girls dancing. Nicole LOVES it and goes nuts over it and when Josh gets home she runs to her room and calls out for him saying, "dance, dance!". I am loving watching Kennadie grow into her own person with her own ideas and thoughts and opinions and hearing all of her stories after school and how she talks SO much. And I am loving that the holidays are right around the corner!

Working on- Completing my Bachelor's Degree. Yes, I said that and it's a little hard to believe sometimes that I actually took the leap and didn't back out like I have a bunch of times before. I am doing an online program and I am loving it and can't believe it took me so long to finally do this! But I have realized I wasn't ready to before. Certain things had to happen the way they did before I could do this the right way and I know that now. This was the right time. Right now, I would actually really love to go on for my Master's Degree (which is something I never thought I would have said, ever!) and I hope that I actually do because in total I could be done completely with everything in 3 years. I also feel about 99.9% sure that I want to get into a career working with adoptions and/or foster care. I don't want to say that I am 100% sure because things change so we will see but that is what I am leaning toward right now and I couldn't be happier with this!

And here are a few random photos from my phone-

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