Tuesday, October 7, 2014

things that matter

Saturday morning soccer games.


touch a truck event

Family days.

Josh had Monday off and we started talking about how we wished Kennadie would be home too so we could all hang out together as a family. So we decided to keep her home from school and let her choose what fun activity she wanted to do. She picked going to Chuck E Cheese and eating the pizza there for lunch. In the afternoon we made a bunch of Halloween drawings and Kennadie came up with the idea of having a little Halloween party in the living room; we all had a great day together. We will for sure let our kids miss a day of school every once in a great while for special family days. It will be something special we all do and something they will always remember.

this is always the scene when Little One is eating- Dakota is right there catching everything she throws accidentally drops on the floor

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