Friday, October 31, 2014

kids were here october

There are days that seem long. There are days where I can't wait for the girls' bedtime. There are days where I wish I had done better, done more, been a better mom and wife. There are days where I feel like a horrible mom because I didn't enjoy EVERY SINGLE moment with my kids, because for some reason I put that pressure on myself. But the reality of it is is that it's okay to have days that seem long and it's okay to want some me time by then end of the day and that doesn't make me a bad mom or selfish. It's okay to have days where didn't do my best, and I shouldn't be so hard on myself if I don't soak up every little thing or love every single moment. I do my best and I try so very hard and I know my kids can see that and feel how much love I have for them. And that is what matters most.


Little traces of my girls left around the house in October-

Little one loves "talking" on the phone. It is never on the receiver where it should be, it's always left in random spots all over the house. And I love that.

Coloring and making up our own books are favorites around here.

Kennadie loves to take out every single toy and bin in the playroom and rearrange them in circles or lines to create some masterpiece to play in. I love her imagination.

She doesn't get her drawing skills from me, that's for sure. I think she is such a good drawer for a five year old!

Halloween stickers placed on windows around the house.

The countdown to Halloween was done every morning by Kennadie throughout October.

Kennadie's pumpkin creations.

Little One's pumpkin creations.

These soccer shoes will be missed.

The smile on my face was huge the morning I woke up and came downstairs to find Kennadie's headband on top of the flowers on the table.


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