Saturday, October 11, 2014

everyday moments

Some everyday moments that I am enjoying lately:
Early morning writing and time for myself.

My desk was given to us by Josh's Grandfather (an old wooden desk that he found on the side of the road a few years ago). I have since painted it white with light blue drawers that remind me of the colors in a Cape Cod home. It's where I write and edit pictures. It's where I can hear Little One when she wakes up from her naps. Where Kennadie comes to see me three times after we already tucked her in bed because she needs to use the bathroom just one more time or to ask for another cup of water.


Kennadie made her way into our bed at 4:30 this morning. it's not that easy for me to fall back to sleep once I am up, so a little before 5:00am I snuck out of bed to get coffee and read and write and go through photos. Time for myself is so important.

Scenes from our kitchen table. 

It's where so many conversations happen and memories are made.

Each night before I fall asleep I tell myself that I am going to get up early in the morning. That I am going to work out, pick up, shower and blow dry my hair, have dinner made for that evening and have lunches made for the next day. Some mornings go exactly how I envision them going, but a lot of our mornings go more like this: hit the snooze button seven times, wake up much later than I would have liked to which means rushing through a quick five minute shower with the girls opening the curtain five times on me, throw my soaking wet hair up, rush the girls around to get them fed and their teeth brushed, redirect Kennadie four times to put her clothes on, and if we are lucky we don't miss the bus and Kennadie has everything she needs for school that day in her backpack.

I swear I will get my shit together one of these days.

The excitement of the bus.

The excitement of taking the bus is still going strong; she loves it. And Little One waves and claps and jumps up and down with excitement and every time she sees a bus she says, "sissy!". The cooler weather has forced us to find the spots on the sidewalk where the sun hits to keep us warm while we wait for the bus and we make shadows and find sticks and rocks and acorns and play guessing games.


It takes all of five minutes usually but we always do it together after we tell each other all about our day over an after-school snack.

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