Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Sometimes when the girls are playing together I sneak off to put away the folded laundry or empty the dishwasher or do a quick vacuum throughout the house. It never fails that each time I try to sneak off to catch up on something around the house I get interrupted with, "Mama, come here! Look what she did!" And sure enough Nicole is getting into some kind of trouble.

Flushing the toilet and turning the washer and dryer on- just for fun, I guess. And it always ends with her clapping and a happy "yay!".

She thinks she is sneaky and I won't catch on when she flashes me that adorable little smile that shows her dimples and then walks casually into the bathroom or her bedroom. Next thing I hear is the door shutting behind her, and when I go to open the door she has herself pressed up against the door to try to keep it shut with a crayon hanging out of her mouth.

Or even when I am right next to her and have the fridge open and turn around for, I swear less than a second, she already has her hand in the bag of reese's pieces that are conveniently placed low on the fridge door.

She is the complete opposite of how Kennadie was when she was this age and that is one of the many things I love about having two children. Getting to experience and love two totally different little girls and their unique personalities.

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