Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Loving- This weather. It seems like it just sort of went from warm 80's to cool 60's overnight, but I am definitely loving it- dressing Little One in soft pink sweatpants during the day and Kennadie's hand me down footie pajamas at night, and Kennadie wearing her new sweaters from Justice- which, by the way is our new favorite store and we were both obsessed with it from the moment we walked in. I am also really loving our new routine we have going on during the weekdays. It's been working pretty well and every day we get out to do something fun.

Watching- Orange is the new black. A few weeks ago, Josh and I were looking for something different to watch when we came across this show and we were both hooked from the first episode of Season 1. It's raunchy and funny and effed up and always leaves us wanting to watch just one more episode. This show is so good.

Thinking about- A career. Still. I feel like I have been thinking about this for so long now. You know how some people just know what they want to do for a career? Yeah, well I wasn't one of those people and it's hard and it sucks. I would love to work from home or have my own little business but it seems almost impossible to do.
Looking forward to- Apple picking with Josh and two (two!) little girls, fall festivals, Parenthood coming back on next week, and listening to Kenny Chesney's new CD that is coming out next week too!

Making me happy- De-cluttering the house and getting rid of bags and bags of old clothes and just stuff we had piling up around the house, watching Kennadie and Little One's relationship and bond grow stronger and stronger each day, watching them play together, the way that Little One randomly just goes up to Kennadie and gives her a hug, the way Little One randomly will come over to me and hug my leg and kiss me, the way Little One will babble on and on and on to Josh when he walks in the door from work each night- she follows him around for those first few minutes and it's like she is telling him all about her day or something and it's so adorable, the way Kennadie falls asleep to a lullaby CD and keeps the song Mary, Mary, quite contrary on repeat- she says it helps her fall asleep, Kennadie's love for animals, Friday nights because it's a real Friday now that Josh is home on the weekends, relaxing with Josh watching our shows at night, and spending weekends with our little family. 

Happy Friday!

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