Monday, August 25, 2014

little moments lately

Camping out with friends.
We had such a great time with friends over the weekend camping out in our backyard. It was Kennadie's first time sleeping in a tent and she absolutely loved it. There was so much going on that I didn't get to take many pictures at all, but we all had so much fun and hopefully we get to do this every year. I think my favorite part was waking up surrounded by friends and dogs and kids and coffee and muffins and bagels and fruit and just lounging around in the sun-room chatting while the kids all played together. Such a fun way to end the summer!

Spending my days with the girls. 

I try to have the girls outside as much as possible during our days- they love it plus it's a good way to tire them out so they pass out at night without any fussing :)

Library days.
Pretty soon it will be just me and Nicole during the day at the library while Kennadie is in school. It feels like just yesterday I was doing story time with her. Kinda crazy to think about!

Home days.
Kennadie has always loved arts and crafts and painting and Nicole seems to love it, too and will sit with crayons or paint or play-doh for a long time just doing her thing.

I love catching them in moments like this. Kennadie was holding her and rocking her in the chair.

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