Saturday, August 16, 2014

life lately

I have had so many moments lately where I have been inspired to write and upload photos but we have been so busy I haven't had much time. But right now Josh is relaxing and Little One is napping in her crib and Kennadie is playing games on the computer and I have my iced coffee sitting on my desk and I'm ready to start catching up.

Beginning with...

How I finally traded my old phone (the one with the smashed screen) in for a new iPhone and a cheaper plan and I am loving it so far. All of the photos in this post have been taken with my iPhone as I haven't taken my real camera out much lately, which I really need to start doing again.

At Kennadie's last visit to the dentist we were told that she had two cavities. Honestly, I was a little shocked because Josh and I are very anal about brushing her teeth, but unfortunately she has deep grooves (just like I do) and will be more prone to cavities. She did amazing while getting her fillings though, and was able to watch a movie while having it done so that kept her distracted. I am sure it helped that we stopped to run around the playground and was treated to a milkshake :)

Both girls came down with fevers this week. No idea what it was but hanging out on the couch while Kennadie cuddled with me and Little One asleep on my lap was so sweet.

Friday night, Kennadie and I headed out with friends for girl time while Little One stayed with my mom. All the little girls got pedicures (this was Kennadie's first time) and we took them out to eat and then everyone came back to hang out at our house for a bit. It was so great to have one-on-one time with Kennadie and she talked and talked and talked the entire car ride there and then in the car on the way home she said, "I really wish Little One was here." I love that she said this.

And finally, Josh is just starting to have Saturdays off and one of our good friends is the soccer coach for Kennadie's soccer team and he asked Josh to be the assistant coach with him this fall! I am really looking forward to soccer starting soon and seeing her and a few of her friends playing together on the same team. And I'm so excited to start having weekends together as a whole family!

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