Thursday, August 21, 2014

beach day

I have always been drawn to the ocean. Growing up, we took trips to the Cape and Maine and Florida or just day trips to the beach. It's always been a part of my life in some way. After graduating from high school, I worked full-time during the week and when the weekends rolled around we found ourselves making the hour and a half drive to the ocean. I looked forward to waking up early every Saturday morning in the summer and calling my best friend to tell her to be ready in an hour. We'd get our iced coffees and open all of the windows in my tan ford focus and talk about everything and anything or nothing at all and just sing along to the music blaring through the car speakers. We would get in the car and drive without knowing where we were going (which always turned out to be the best times). We found some pretty awesome beaches and we would stop at the casino to gamble once we hit twenty-one or stop to get matching tattoos at a random tattoo studio that was hidden on a back road.

Spending time at the ocean looks much different now. Lugging oversized beach bags and blankets, diaper bags and toys. Carrying Little One on my right hip while keeping an eye on Kennadie as she runs ahead. It's much more work now, but the ocean is still just as peaceful and cleansing for me. The boardwalk, the seagulls, the salt, the sand, the view, the wind, the sea. It never disappoints.

Tuesday, we spent the day at the beach with a few friends and my mom and Krista. We talked. We laughed. The kids dug holes while we dug our toes in the warm sand. The kids played games with my mom. The small waves splashed against our legs and knocked Little One down. We went back and forth from the blanket to the water. Under the sun shade, I fed a fussy baby until he fell asleep. I grabbed a shell out of Little One's mouth. We ran through the water and climbed rocks. The kids caught snails and crabs and swam and played on the boogie board and we laughed when a seagull pooped on Kennadie's arm right as we were packing up to leave.

Today was definitely one of my favorite days this summer.

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