Wednesday, July 16, 2014


she was in a mood :)

Thinking about- Working once Kennadie is in school come September and the photo shoots I have coming up. Ideally, I would love to work part-time for just a few hours a day or work in a school system and be able to be home with the girls on weekends, be home with them in the afternoons, have summers with them, and be home with them during school vacations. I plan to apply to a few places and we will see from there. I started volunteering for MARE to photograph some upcoming events and that I felt pretty comfortable with as I love taking candid photos and not having the pressure of trying to pose people etc. I was never mentored and I don't really have anyone to talk about photography with or bounce ideas off of or get advice and feedback from so I have always been on my own with this. I love photography as a hobby and doing it for friends and family and for us to document our days, but I somehow agreed to do a photo shoot for a family who has adopted and now I am freaking out! I don't know how I get myself in these situations- they always seem like a good idea at first but then I scare myself out of them. I don't want to not do it or disappoint anyone so I will push myself through it and hopefully in the end the photos will come out OK and I will make it through just fine :)

Enjoying- Our summer so far! We are having so much fun this summer- spending lots of time with friends and family and our days are mostly spent outside and we have a lot of fun day trips planned for the rest of the summer, too.

Watching- Last Comic Standing. Seriously love this show! I love comedy and laughing and it's such a great stress reliever when Josh and I get the chance to sit down to watch it on our DVR each week after the girls are in bed. We both really love Rod Man and Rocky- they are hilarious.

Looking forward to- Josh getting some time off. He has been running the office alone for a while now and has been working so much and we are really looking forward to him taking a week off soon (hopefully!). Even if we don't go anywhere, just having him home and spending time together as a family and taking a few day trips would be so nice. 

Loving- The weather we are having so far this summer- it has been warm and sunny most days and it's been great, being a mom to two girls, Little One's "mad" face that she does and how it always makes me smile, the way Kennadie is really into catching bugs lately and watching her as a big sister, spending extra time with friends, getting up early and having alone time, when Josh gets home each night, and watching Kennadie in swim and gymnastics class.

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