Monday, March 24, 2014

little moments lately

A few little moments lately-

Saturday mornings.

The other day Kennadie asked me if I liked night time or morning better. Years ago, I would have said night time for sure. But now? Nothing beats waking up early on a Saturday morning before anyone else to a quiet house, drinking my coffee as the sun slowly awakens and begins to brighten the house. I love the no rush feeling on weekends- watching her playing with her toys in her pajamas, slowly making our way to the kitchen for breakfast and making plans or having no plans and just lounging around and enjoying being home for the rest of the day.


Signs of spring.

This has been a hard winter. I hate being stuck inside, wearing heavy jackets, seeing snow on the ground. There's nothing I like about winter. I would much rather wake up each morning to open windows, birds chirping, looking out to a colorful yard, smelling freshly cut grass. Finally, tiny yellow bulbs have popped up along our walkway. I think this is the first flower in our yard that pops up every spring. It's ready. And so am I.


Making get well quick pictures for Opa.

Birthday mail.


Birthday parties.

She celebrated her birthday at school, work/daycare, and then with family this week. I had some great ideas for cupcakes for school and daycare and a cake picked out for her family party. When I went to have them made, they couldn't do any of my ideas. After running around and calling a few different places with no luck, I gave up. We went to the store and she picked out some cupcakes in a package because really, I just wasn't in the mood to bake for three different parties. I was ready to call it a day, but as we walked through the store with the cupcakes in my hand, I felt guilty. Oh, the mom guilt. There was nothing special about these cupcakes. I put them back on the shelf and instead she picked out a strawberry cake mix and hot pink frosting and was elated to help bake and decorate her own one of a kind cake with her frozen figurines. It's all her right now and much more meaningful. We had fun baking the cake and as much as I hate the mom guilt, it's there for a reason. To remind me that even when I am tired and not in the mood to do something, in the end it's so worth it- the happiness it brings to her, the quality time we spent together making the cake, the smiles, the fun, the memories made. Totally worth it.


Seriously, how is she already five?!

Life is made of these little moments. Sometimes, they take work and sometimes I have to really look to find them, but they are always there.

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