Thursday, March 20, 2014

five-a birthday letter

Dear Kennadie, 

Five years ago you made me a mom, something I dreamed about ever since I was little. You will always be my baby girl and luckily for me you are still in no rush to grow up. You have blessed us so deeply and I cherish every day we have together. You teach me patience, unconditional love, and remind me what is important in life- the little moments. You have taught me to slow down, to stop and be silly with you, to let go of the things that don't matter, to embrace the moments that do matter, that being present and aware is a beautiful way to live.

This is your last year in preschool! I can't even believe that! I remember your first day like it was yesterday. There are only three of you at your school now and we know that most likely this will never happen again where you get so much one on one time with a teacher. You absolutely love your school (and we love your school too!) I tell your teacher all the time how I wish you could stay at your school forever! You push yourself and you can hardly wait to get home to start doing your homework! You have started reading small books, adding, and doing multiplication. I hope your love for school and learning never fades.

Right now, you love anything princess and dress up and playing pretend princess and prince with mommy and daddy. You sing at the top of your lungs in the car to Let It Go from the Frozen movie. You love wearing your eiffel tower and unicorn earrings. You have collected about a million "guys" over the last few years and you still love playing with them. You are really into My Little Pony and Equestria Girls. I love your imagination and watching you play pretend. You are a warm weather girl for sure (just like your momma!) and hate being cold. You adore animals and have been asking for a fish so you can play with it. Your creativity is amazing and you love writing books and creating your own stories. I love finding your little notes around the house-whether they are taped to the front door or little notes that you make just for me or daddy. As you fall asleep each night, you cuddle up with your walrus stuffed animal that Opa bought for you at Seaworld and listen to your CD's. And each night while you are sleeping, I still tip toe in your room to check on you and give you a kiss before I go to bed.

You have always been a very easy going child, but of course you do have a stubborn side and try to push our buttons here and there, can be a bit dramatic (daddy says you get that from me) and, at times you can throw a pretty good tantrum :) You love to please others and you have this kindness and gentleness about you that is incredibly beautiful. I am so, so proud of you and the beautiful little girl you have become. Happy Fifth Birthday, Monkey! I love you more than peanut butter cup ice cream!

Love always and forever,


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