Wednesday, January 29, 2014

little moments lately

The other day, Kennadie was in an extra good mood and when I told her yes after she asked me if she could have a yogurt for a snack you would have thought I was the coolest mom ever. She was so overly excited and said to me, "thank you, thank you so much for adopting me!" I laughed so hard and I love that she said this for so many reasons. I love the fact that adoption talk around here is so normal and that it is a part of our family now and that it is a part of her vocabulary. And I love the fact that she doesn't even really "get" or care where she came from-from my belly, from doesn't matter one bit.

We signed Kennadie up for cheerleading this past week! She has said she really wants to try it so we are going for it. I also think it will be good for her and I hope she will meet some other kids from our town through cheering before going to kindergarten in the fall.

We enjoyed a spa day in her room. Complete with face cloths over our eyes and feet, stuffed animals as a neck rest, and a hard chair to "relax" in.

Snow days.

Playing in the snow after work.

Although we are beginning to feel a little cooped up from being inside so much because it's been so cold out lately and we really can't wait for spring to come, we do love our time together at home.

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