Monday, December 30, 2013


As our vacation week comes to an end and I look back on photos from the week I feel so very grateful. Grateful for my little family, grateful for our house that we have made a home, grateful for the time we have spent together.

playing obstacle course


We took trip to Edaville for the Polar Express and although we were all a little disappointed in the entire place, we made the best of it and had fun.

 Kennadie has had a double ear infection and has been sick for almost a week so most of our time has been spent at home hibernating and yesterday she told me how much she loved being home. I love that she said that.

The paw print ornament that Tufts had made for us when Dallas passed away was wrapped up in white tissue paper and placed in a safe spot on the kitchen counter for a few weeks. I finally felt at peace enough to open it last week and hang it on the tree. It's by far my favorite ornament.

Although she was sick most of the week and she knew the Santa we saw at Edaville wasn't the "real" Santa and knew that  we didn't really go to the North Pole and some of the magic that I thought she was going to experience on the Polar Express was lost, we made up for it at home-warm baths and her pajamas staying on her all day and slipping back into my black yoga pants and sweatshirt and cuddling on the couch. Baking Christmas cookies and eating chicken soup. Reading stories, playing games, wrapping presents, watching Christmas movies, and spending time with family.

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