Saturday, December 21, 2013

currently and a few photos

Reading- Act Accordingly by Colin Wright. I love reading books that open my mind, that help me change and grow and learn, and that remind me to live life to the fullest. This book is a super short read but I would highly recommend it.

Looking forward to- Josh being home all week for Christmas. He always tries to take this week off and I am so glad that he does. It's a great time to slow down, enjoy family time and the holidays and just relax.

Watching- The Voice on DVR. We still haven't had a chance to watch the final show but we will get to it soon. The talent on this show is unbelievable and it's definitely one of my favorite shows right now. We also recorded Home for the Holidays which shares stories of adoption and I can't wait to finish watching it.

Loving- A clean house to start off Christmas Break, Christmas music playing in the background of our home all day long, Christmas shopping, getting up early to have time for myself, and completing our second homestudy. All we will have left is one more walk-through, our social worker will write up our homestudy, and then we just wait for the phone call!


She loves playing with her "guys" in our Christmas village.

We had so much fun writing a letter to Santa. She had her cup of hot cocoa at her desk and took sips in-between writing words. The toy she really hopes Santa brings her this year is the Equestria Girls-it's all she talks about.

Currently posts are inspired by Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet.

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