Saturday, November 30, 2013

kids were here november 2013

When looking back on the little pieces of our month, it gives me a chance to remember some of the smaller details-what she liked to play with, new crafts she made, the way she colors, how her writing is now so much more legible. It all goes by so fast and I often find myself wishing time would stand still. Here is this months kids were here photos.

Thanksgiving crafts at school-

Special home days where we eat and play in the playroom-

Homemade princess wand, toys, and things in her playroom-

Dinosaur nuggets-

Her "guys"-

The water bottle and how I searched all over for this specific one she wanted because T from her class has them-

Reminders of late nights, watching movies, and lots of cuddles-

 Bath time-

Getting ready for the holidays-

She is just as much a part of this adoption journey as we are-



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