Friday, October 18, 2013

little moments this week

Whenever I feel a funk coming on I know what I need to do to get myself out of it. I need time alone- time to quiet my mind, time to recharge, time to just be me. As someone who has a lot of qualities of an introvert, I know it's important for me to have time for quiet and time for reflection. And it's healthy for me, my daughter, our family.

Like many other parents, our days are filled with so much rushing around. Rushing to get ready in the mornings, rushing to eat breakfast, rushing to get in the car and then running back upstairs because I forgot something, rushing to get to preschool on time, rushing to get to work. My mind has been on overdrive lately and I have been feeling pulled in all different directions and feeling left on empty and not able to give what I want to be giving. Creative juices are empty and anything I had in me is gone, begging to be refilled.

I am looking forward to having some time this weekend to recharge, but there were some great moments this week where I felt completely present with her- no thinking about anything other than what we were doing.

We gathered a big pile of brown, yellow, and red leaves in the backyard for her to jump in. Four year old's love jumping in leaves, right? Well, she jumped in the pile maybe two or three times and then she was off to throw leaves on Dakota.

The pajamas. Every year, I buy a special pair of holiday pajamas for her to wear on Christmas. This year, she got a hold of them early and wears them every chance she gets- like to play in the yard in October.

I never get bored with our walks and I am lucky that she likes them too. We never need much- just the two of us, the dog, sometimes a bike, and an imagination.

She calls these her knee patches and for our walk she wanted to pretend she was a runner. A real runner. And, as any real runner would, she put on her Pinkalicious knee and elbow "patches" and ran.

Good thing she knows what she is doing and put her "patches" on because she slid like a baseball player on a patch of dirt as she was running down the hill. She looked up at me and froze for a moment until she realized she wasn't hurt at all. She had her "patches" on. So, she did it again. And again. And again. She thought it was hilarious.

She decided to not paint her pumpkin like Pinkalicious and the Pink Pumpkin this year, but created her own art on the pumpkin with smiley faces, mixed colors, and a lot of glitter.

Have a great weekend! Looking forward to some much needed me time.

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