Friday, August 16, 2013

treasured moments

 It is in the moments of our day to day life where I find the most beauty. Nothing posed, just ordinary moments that I find to be the most extraordinary; the moments I never want to forget. I love documenting our now & capturing our days together.

Kennadie loves playing dress up, & right now pretending she is Cinderella is her favorite.

With the tumor on our cats jaw, we really don't know what the future holds for him & one of my favorite moments this week was when he hung out with us while we were eating dinner outside on the deck. I love when he does this. 

This week was Kennadie's last swim class & I really couldn't be more proud of her. All of the kids in her class were much older than her & at the beginning of the summer I had thought about pulling her out & putting her in a class with kids her age, but she was doing fine & didn't have many problems keeping up with the class.  By the last class, she was swimming on her own & comfortably going under water. I loved going to swim class to watch her every week. She did an amazing job this summer!

She was being extra goofy one morning this week while getting dressed I just had to capture it.

We did a ton of playing outside in the yard this week.

She is into the whole laying on her belly & spinning herself on the swing to get dizzy.

I have no idea what it is about umbrellas, but she loves them. She always has one when we are outside.

Out of nowhere, for about thirty seconds, she started doing silly poses with the umbrella. She does this sometimes & I think it's the cutest thing!

My absolute favorite moment this week was when we went outside after dinner with a popsicle & just played & talked. When we were sitting on the swings she started talking about having a "bigger" sister & a baby brother. She told me how she will share her toys with her sister, about how she will push her baby brother in the baby swing, & about how when we go camping she will hang out with her sister in the "camper truck". I have to admit that I have been having mixed feelings about adopting, not really knowing what to expect yet (which I know is completely normal), but from that moment on, I have been really excited about this new road we are on & somehow it all felt so right & like this is exactly where we are supposed to be. She made it that much more real by talking about the things we will all do together as a family. Oh, the things our children teach us!! 

Have a great weekend!

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Kristin @littlemamajama said...

I love how her personality shines through in your pictures.