Monday, June 17, 2013


Four & five year olds in little pink ballet slippers, looking at each other to remember what step they are supposed to do next, & singing as loudly as they can to I enjoy being a girl is probably one of the cutest things ever. We got ready backstage with our friends & luckily their dad & mom knows how to do one mean braided bun in a rush because by the time we arrived you wouldn't have even known I spent twenty minutes at home curling Kennadie's hair.  

It makes these recitals even that much more special with her being able to share this experience with two of her close friends.

We have been going through a phase where she doesn't want me to leave her. Ever. It started a few weeks back when I was getting ready to go out with some friends & she completely freaked out. I had never seen her like that before. I cried because my heart ached for my little girl & I almost gave in & stayed home but I knew if I did that it would only get worse & I knew she was safe with my mom so I went & she had a great time with my parents. She then began freaking out before school & before gymnastics & dance. This phase seems to be getting close to the end now, but after her recital she told me that she cried for me backstage. I told her it was OK to cry & that I was so proud of her for getting out there & dancing with her class. She rocked it.

post recital lunch at Hot Dog Annie's

It hasn't felt much like summer here with all the rain & cool temps we have been getting, but as soon as the sun does come out we make sure to enjoy the day to the fullest. We spent a few hours at the playground last week, kicked off our shoes, ran around in the field, she rolled down the hill, we played. These simple days are the ones I hope I never forget & that mean the most to me.

We played together for a while & eventually she went off & found kids to climb with & play tag with. I walked a few steps over to the bench to give her her space & sat under the tree taking it all in watching her climb & laugh & run around. I see the confidence that she is gaining & I love that.

mastering going down the pole on her own
She had her gymnastics Olympics last weekend & it falls slightly behind the recital in adorableness. She cried a few times for me, but I kept encouraging her & telling her that she could do this. She did. And I was so proud of her.

At the end they were all called up one by one to receive a rose & a medal. All the kids tied for first place :)

phone dump from last week-

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Jack Goff said...

Just looked through your recent photos. You really do have the eye to be great. Keep up the good work.....Santa