Saturday, June 29, 2013


One of my favorite summer memories was swimming in our pool as a kid. That pool area holds a lot of memories from my childhood & teenage years- from family get-togethers & cooking hot dogs on the grill to after dinner swims followed by walks around the neighborhood to jumping off the hot red deck into cool blue pool water to sun tanning with friends on the deck, to sneaking boys over while my parents were at work & sometimes getting caught.

Living just a few houses up from my parents' house makes it easy to keep the summer tradition of hanging out by the pool & creating new memories with Kennadie.

Every night during the summer when my dad got home from work he would change into his bathing suit & jump in the pool. I have so many memories of him throwing us up in the air in the pool & laughing hysterically as we came up for air & lounging around on the floats not saying a word-content to just be spending time with each other (until, of course, I reached my teenage years & wanted nothing to do with my parents).

Kennadie was just a little over three months old when she got to experience the summer tradition of hanging out in the pool with family for the first time. And we don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

My dad called Tuesday night asking to take her swimming & out for an ice cream. So she went for an evening swim after dinner with Papa & they had so much fun racing & playing made up games & I just love that she has this special relationship with my dad & gets to experience what I got to experience as a child.

After swimming we all headed up to the same ice cream stand that my parents took us when we were little. The cows aren't there anymore, but watching the sunset is still a big thing to do up here; we used to sit in our car eating ice cream cones as we watched the sun sink low in front of us. 

We didn't catch the sunset Tuesday night, but something equally awesome happened when we were caught outside in the middle of a storm rolling by with heavy rain that soaked us as we laughed hard & ate the bottom of our melted ice cream sundaes as fast as we could & ran our soaking wet bodies back to the car; a new memory was made. 

Kennadie started her third summer of swimming lessons this past week. Her teacher moved her to a level two class this year & I was a little nervous when we arrived & saw that she was the youngest one in her class. I don't want her to feel rushed & I sure don't want to rush her, but she kept up with the bigger kids & started right where she left off last summer-gaining the confidence to swim on her own without a float or any help.

She swam on her own a few times last summer so we all know she can do it, but she gets so nervous & freaks herself out. Her teacher asked her to try it this week & she did. I could tell she was scared by the noises she was making, but she did it. I was so proud that she tried & I can't wait to see her doing this with confidence by the end of the summer.

Having Opa & Oma here during the summer is special: it wouldn't be the same without them up here. They came to watch Kennadie at her swim class & their thing is taking her to "Old McDonald's". It's just their special thing that they do with her when they are here & that's exactly what they did after swim class.

This past week she started her first summer of mini camp. One day a week for a few hours in the morning & I was an emotional wreck the night before. To the point where I couldn't control the tears that poured out of my eyes & I just had to wake her up & bring her in our bed so I could sleep next to her. After all, this is the last summer before the last summer before she will be in kindergarten & away from me all day. Makes sense right?

She is still going through a bit of separation anxiety (I wonder why) whenever I leave her & she cried a little when I dropped her off at camp, but two of her friends were there with her & her dance teacher is her counselor & was with her all day & is so good with Kennadie, so I felt OK about her being there. Other than the fact that I realized I had the pick up time all wrong & was fifteen minutes late to pick her up (which has never happened before) & I was freaking out & she was freaking out once all the kids were gone & she was the only one left wondering where the hell her mom was, she said she had fun & enjoyed it.

Have a great weekend! 

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AnnMarie said...

You take the most amazing pictures. I am a huge "Daddy's Girl" and love to see my kids with my dad and I miss my Papa every single day. Such joy and happiness in the pictures.