Monday, June 24, 2013

little moments

Each season I make a bucket list of everything we may or may not do. Summer bucket lists are my favorite. This summer's list is scribbled on a piece of paper torn from a notebook, filled front & back with activities that excite me-whale watching, parasailing, day trips, beach blanket movie night at the ocean, fairs, planting flowers, water rides, Sunday morning breakfasts with the crew, swan boats, visiting Rockport & Mystic Seaport. Everything about summer makes me happy- the warmth, the longer days, later bedtimes, bare feet, the sun, days spent at the beach. And it makes it that much better having her to share all of this with & creating magical memories for her. Memories that I will make sure she will never forget.


Our moms group went strawberry picking & Jaylee came along with us. I was so proud of Kennadie & the way she made sure not to leave Jaylee out even though all of her other friends were there. She held her hand & pulled her along, not leaving her for a moment, & she did this all on her own.

We had a late morning date at the lake-just the two of us. We packed a lunch, beach toys, an oversized blanket, everything but the towels. It didn't really matter though, it was much better letting the hot sun dry off our wet bodies.

My favorite moments spent with her are at the beach. Somehow the water & sun & sand make it impossible to feel anything but complete happiness. There are no distractions, no thinking about what needs to be done; just together, completely in the moment & giving her my all & it always feels so good.

The rest of the weekend we did more summery things-swimming, cooking on the grill, spending time with family, & eating S'mores. And it was Oma & Opa's 58th wedding anniversary. They are still so happy & in love & family is everything to them. They mean the world to me & they have taught me what family & a marriage is really about.

this was my bathing suit when i was about her age, i love that my mom saved it!


Looking forward to a lot more of this over the next few months.


Melissa Bliss Rich said...

I love summer too! And your pictures are so beautiful and full of life!

Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

Oh, I love this post so much. So many super sweet photos. You capture the essence of childhood very well! :)