Tuesday, June 18, 2013

cherished moments

We spent the morning at a park last weekend with friends & during the puppet show my shy little girl jumped at the chance to be called on to get up in front of everyone. He called all three of the girls up at once & then she just stood there, not even paying attention & then pouted because she didn't get to say anything in the microphone. For the next half an hour she would jump up from the grass, hold her hand up high, & scream, "Me, me!" each time he asked the kids to raise their hands for volunteers to come up again. I have never seen her so persistent on anything before.

The girls had fun making hats, running through an obstacle course, going in an ambulance, eating ice cream, & playing by the water. 

They followed this guy around who was fishing & luckily he didn't care one bit.

My great grandfather always made us homemade chocolate chip cookies; it's just what he always did for us growing up & for the last few years Opa has taken that over. It's incredibly simple but incredibly special at the same time.

Kennadie made Opa's famous cookies with him the other day & these photos are so special to me. I am in love with storytelling photography & I am working on putting them in album for him. Opa & Oma are my biggest fans & he may shed a tear when he gets the pictures :)  

Oh, the look on his face! It's obvious how much he loves her. 

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