Saturday, May 4, 2013

sweet spring days

It's been beautiful here all week, leaving me excited for what the next few months will hold. Kennadie keeps telling us that it's not the "real" spring because Oma & Opa aren't home yet. I think it's so adorable how she associates spring & summer with them being home & next weekend when they pull in the driveway her spring & summer will officially begin.

For me, it's already here-those little moments in the spring & summer that I love so much.

-Reading stories outside on a blanket under a tree before bed & catching the last few minutes of warmth from the sun before it slowly slips away.

admiring her artwork on a rock

-The first beach day. We will head to the ocean this weekend but the next best thing is the lake. She loves the beach just as much as I do & she is completely comfortable here. She took off & ran straight for the water-watching the seagulls, finding shells, throwing rocks in the water. She often says to me, "Mommy look at that view" & I am sure she gets that from me but I love that at age 4 she is beginning to appreciate the little details in life. 

I forgot my camera but there was no way I could let our first day at the beach come & go without pictures so I had to use my cell phone to catch some of the moments I didn't want to forget.

Josh stopped by on his lunch break for a few minutes to surprise her & after he left we spent the rest of the afternoon digging our toes in the warm sand, making sandcastles, playing in the cold water, racing down slides together at the playground, & quietly eating our lunch with sandy fingers while admiring the view in front of us.  


-And more beach days with good friends. She kept talking about coming back to the lake with her friends & a few days later our friends happily agreed.

this picture is horribly blurry but I just love the story that it tells

-Rolling around in the sand without a care in the world. That is some good stuff.

And this? This is my favorite. For a moment, she danced in the sand-eyes closed & everything. She really did dance as if no one was watching. She teaches me so much. 

-Afternoons outside, eating lunch on a blanket & playing in the yard. We painted rocks so we could start a little rock garden but she quickly went from happy to having an attitude just as we were finishing & she threw our colorful rocks in the woods. We will try again soon.

-Calming walks after dinner.


Friday afternoon went downhill pretty fast-the animals were driving me nuts, I couldn't keep up with the laundry, Kennadie was overtired, I had just cleaned but every time I turned around there was another mess to pick up...& then I burnt dinner.

So I threw together a salad & tuna sandwiches but nothing tasted good, the animals were still driving me nuts, Kennadie didn't want to eat her crunchy burnt sandwich (yes, I burnt our tuna sandwiches too) & I couldn't help but laugh so hard at the chaos going on around us. So we gave up & I let her eat Oreo cookies with milk instead & we took off out our front door for a much needed refreshing walk, & we talked, she watched ants as they worked hard coming in & out of their little homes on the sidewalk, & we picked flowers.



A great way to end the week.

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