Friday, May 24, 2013

josh's birthday

Kennadie & I headed out back to take some pictures of her for part of Josh's birthday gift. She dressed up in his shoes, shirts & ties, & we grabbed some of his old records from when he used to DJ, a golf club, & a fishing pole that we may or may not have broken. I wanted the pictures to have meaning & we had a lot of fun doing these for him. He loved them :)

this was serious business to her
i laughed so hard when i saw how this photo came out :)

Kennadie & I made a cake for Josh & these two love the movie Wreck it Ralph so she came up with the idea to put her Wreck it Ralph guys on the cake for him. She completely decorated it herself & we loved it. The perfect cake for him.

she always has to help blow out the candles

Josh's real birthday gift is happening in a few days & we are so excited. He has next week off so I have a little surprise planned for him. Kennadie loves surprises & this girl knows how to keep a secret, she is really good at it & refuses to tell him anything. He will have to wait!
her first real thunderstorm that she watched

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Kristin @littlemamajama said...

What a precious photo shoot! Have fun on the birthday surprise! :)