Friday, April 26, 2013

playing catch up

I am so behind on everything right now but I am slowly catching up & wanted to make sure I got some photos up from the past few weeks.

I watched a friends daughter a few weeks ago & we had such a great day. We took a walk down to the pond & the girls threw sticks & rocks in, they used the binoculars & took pictures with Kennadie's camera. We played outside almost all day, playing on the swing set, in the sandbox, & of course Kennadie insisted that we spray each other with the hose. The girls had a blast!


 Josh was home last Monday & while he started a spring clean up in the yard, Kennadie & I played outside, painted rocks in the garden, & spread a blanket out front to soak up the warm sun. Our cat, Dallas has a tumor & although we have been told it may be best to put him down, we just know he is still so incredibly happy. Years ago, we were told to put him down, but he is still here, happier than ever. This little guy is a fighter & loves life & we believe when it is time he will let us know. He is an indoor cat but we put a leash on him & took him outside with us. He loved it & just hung out in the sun.

We have been spending so much time outside lately & I couldn't be happier to have the sun shining & the warm weather.
our baby before kennadie 

I finally got a decent photo of her eyelashes one night while I was giving her a bath & I really love this picture.


Kimberly said...

I am jealous that you can lay out there in the sun. Send that my way will ya?!
My favourite photo out of all of them is your daughter snuggling with the dog. Beautiful.

Andrea Balcunas said...

Hopefully you have had some warm sun your way by now!!!

Thank you so much Kim :) I like that one too- he is so good with her!