Saturday, April 20, 2013

one of those days

There are so many days when I am with her & I become completely filled with joy & smiles & feel so much love pouring out of me. This was one of those days. We stayed right in our own yard & played & laughed & were able to just be. And it was awesome.

We started off with playing dress up out back & it turned into me taking lots of pictures of her, knowing this was something I didn't want to forget.
i love capturing her personality

Right now, our favorite activity to do together is head outside & play with the hose. She asks me every day, even when it's freezing out. But, on the warmer days we are happy for hours with an umbrella & a watering can, soaking each other with the hose, & digging our toes in the dirt. 

She couldn't wait to try her new Pinkalicious roller skates. She slipped her little feet right into them & although she had some falls & was wobbly & she didn't exactly "skate" in them, she took off & was so proud of herself that she was doing it on her own.

After dinner & a warm bath, we ended our night back outside eating lollipops, watching her ride her car, & checking out the hundreds of ants on our walkway. 
crying because she dropped her lollipop

too occupied with her lollipop to watch where she is driving
watching the ants, i stayed far away though :)


Ivy said...

I LOVE your photos, as always, my friend! I see you've been dabbing with photography a lot. Have you considered going into it as a profession?
-Ivy xo

Andrea Balcunas said...

Thank you Ivy! I appreciate your kind words :) I have been approached by a few people asking me to do photos for them, it kind of just happened really so I definitely am thinking about it now. We will see I guess! xo