Thursday, March 14, 2013

rainy days

It had been weeks since we saw the sun. Or at least it felt that way. The days were gloomy & gray & I was beginning to feel the affects of that on my mood; these dreary days left me feeling uninspired, unmotivated, & not wanting to do much of anything. 

We were stuck inside more than I would have liked, we weren't taking walks, & having fun & being creative with Kennadie seemed like too big of a task. 

My to do list was growing longer as each day passed- as if ignoring it would make it all disappear.

I tried hard to pull myself out of this funk. It wasn't easy. I knew this wasn't me & I hate that feeling. I knew I had to force myself to get out & do something.

So we took a walk in the rain. And somehow she always has a way of getting me out of my head & helping me return to the present moment. Our little impromptu walks are always a guarantee to help me feel just a little bit better. 
She didn't mind that it had been raining forever. She made the best of it- splashing in the puddles, spinning & flipping the umbrella around in the middle of the road, picking up sticks & rocks & throwing them down a sewer, petting any dog that passed by us, & smiling under the umbrella because life is what we make it & she sure knows how to make the most of any situation.

She teaches me some valuable lessons in life.
We ran home together- me, trying not to get soaked as I crouched under the umbrella that her little hands were holding. 
And since the sun wasn't going to come out anytime soon we chose to brighten up our day right there in our driveway- painting the puddles with yellow, pink, blue, purple, green, & orange.   
 This walk inspired me. She inspires me.

These rainy days don't last forever. I know when I get in a funk, that that is all it is. It may rain for a day or a week at a time but soon enough the sun will reappear.

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Kimberly said...

They are amazing at teaching us how to make the best of any moment. I'm glad that you embraced the rainy day and made it wonderful :)
PS. I want those rainboots.