Sunday, March 3, 2013

maple sugaring & creating memories

Amy & I took the girls to Natick Community Organic Farm for a maple sugaring tour on Saturday. It was supposed to be 42 degrees out & since we consider that pretty warm here in the winter I didn’t think we needed hats or gloves & I didn’t bring any boots. Such a mistake! It was so muddy & I can’t believe the thought of wearing heels to a farm even crossed my mind. And it definitely wasn't 42 degrees outside- sure the sun would tease us & pop out to warm us up for a minute or two but then the clouds took over the majority of the time & we froze. 

But it was so worth it.


The tour started as soon as we arrived & although the girls were so good I could tell they were beginning to get a little bored halfway through. They were ready to see the animals & eat snacks & play on the playground. They enjoyed tasting the sap but other than that? They thought jumping in & over huge puddles, playing with the snow on the ground, & squishing their shoes in the dirty mud was just so much more fun.
And then she fell. Flat on her back in a deep pile of mud. I screamed. And then I laughed so hard. She cried. When I saw her lying there in the mud I thought her entire backside was going to be covered & all I could think about was how I didn't have any dry clothes for her to change into & what the heck was I going to do?! But luckily it wasn't too bad & although she was a little wet she was a trooper the rest of the day.
 As soon as the tour was over the girls booked it into the barn to get a peek at the babies they had been waiting so patiently to see. We stared at these little animals & smiled & the words they are so cute came out of our mouths about a hundred times.
Because they were just so cute.
We stopped to take a picture of the girls & after the first picture Kennadie started to do all sorts of goofy poses. This kid loves posing for the camera & I love seeing her little personality come out like this.

We had such a fun day & even if the girls weren't all that interested in the tour, we were making memories 
for the girls & that’s all that matters. I have memories from my childhood of being out in the middle of nowhere in the cold & snowy woods of Vermont doing this exact same thing with my parents & sister. I am so glad that my parents always made the effort to create wonderful memories for us growing up. And I live to do the same for her. These moments? I couldn't imagine our lives without them & it makes me so happy to do whatever I can to create these special memories with & for Kennadie.
ending our day at the playground.


Love Meghan said...

maple sugaring? how interesting! your photos are just great. looks like you had a fun time. :)

Angela King said...

looks like so much fun! glad she wasn't too wet! :)