Friday, March 29, 2013

a quick birthday photo post

This week has been a bit crazy with a sick little girl, a sick husband, taking on too many projects at once, & an emergency trip to Tufts with our cat where I am still trying to process the news that we were given. I don't have much time to write but I wanted to at least get the pictures up from our birthday last week.

Snowflakes fell outside of our window Tuesday morning which gave us the perfect excuse to stay in pajamas just a little longer & bake. We made a red velvet cake for later that night & cupcakes for her birthday party at school, decorations & pink & purple balloons were hung around the house, & candles topped our cinnamon raisin english muffins.
there is no such thing as too much frosting to a four year old
she loves her new walkie talkies
my mom made her this adorable dress up skirt & wand. And of course she had to do her goofy poses

Wednesday morning, Josh headed off to "work" & an hour later I saw his car pulling back in our snow covered driveway. I thought he either forgot something or he was surprising us with an extra day off. He opened the basement door & had iced coffees from Dunkin' Donuts in his hands & a big bag full of greasy bacon & warm, buttery french toast from Carl's Diner. 

I love when he surprises us like this.

Our place has always been Mohegan Sun & Kennadie loves it here just as much as we do. She always requests to go on vacation to where the woof (wolf) is so we were super excited when he told us that he planned a night away here for the three of us. We had such a great time.
throwing pennies in the water
waiting patiently to go swimming in the pool while we unpacked
dinner at our favorite restaurant
she passed out right after dinner
the "woof"
she loves the arcade

the first thing she said when we woke up the next morning was, "I want to go look at the view" & lucky for us we caught the ending of the sunrise-I love the way she thinks
just like her mama


Kim said...

Oh.My.Goodness!!!! These pics are so amazing...I really do think you are an excellent photographer. Forgive me if I have asked already---what kind of camera do you use? Or is this the part where you tell me it's your iPhone... :-)

What a great surprise from the hubby, what a perfect getaway, what a beautiful girl and yummy cupcakes and beautiful you and...sorry for the news about your kitty.{hug}

Also, I am in love with the sunrise pic. As you know ( i think? ) I am OBSESSED with chasing the sunset almost every night if I can. But the sunrise eludes me, I just cannot get up that early. Your pic reminds me of when I was younger, much younger... I grew up at the beach and once in a while my friends and I would catch the sunrise on the beach, either because we trekked out early enough, or, most often the case, because we were still awake from the night before.

Thanks for sharing! :-)

Andrea Balcunas said...

Thank you so much Kim! You are an amazing photographer too, I see your pictures all the time :) Haha some of them were from my phone but I use an OLD Canon Rebel right now, a friend of our family used to be a photographer & when he stopped he gave my mom this camera years ago & then she passed it on to me. I am hoping in the very near future to upgrade though :)

I do know you love the sunsets! I am obsessed with it too! I have become way more of a morning person now & I absolutely love getting up early & watching the sunrise! A few years ago when we were on vacation in the Cape, my entire family thought I was nuts for waking up super early on vacation to go across the street to the beach & take a million pictures of the sun coming up. I just love it :) And you are sooo lucky to have grown up on the beach!!! I am so jealous!

Stela peterson said...

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