Monday, February 11, 2013

snowed in

Not long after the first snowflakes began falling she was begging me to go outside to play. After only a few hours into the blizzard we already made forts in the living room with the kitchen chairs & with every blanket she could find. We were all crafted out. We read more books than we could count. And she wanted nothing to do with playing with her toys. 

We bundled up-her in her cute warm snowsuit, me in sweatpants, Josh's over-sized sweatshirt, my ugg boots that shouldn't be worn while playing in the snow & a white marshmallow looking hat-the only one I could find. (Note to self-must get a snowsuit & real snow boots!)

She played, made snow angels & walked over to the woods on the side of our house. Trees, branches & crunchy brown leaves kept her occupied. And happy. Her face lit up with excitement as she told me about her great idea to go explore in the woods. I gladly followed behind her.

This moment was one that I never want to forget. This idea of hers, to explore in the woods, was peaceful & so much fun. She didn't need toys; she was perfectly content studying the rough bark on the trees, picking up fallen branches & tossing the snow that quietly fell around us up in the air. The conversations that I had exploring in those woods with my three year old who is growing up way too fast for me, were some that I will hold onto for a very long time. There were moments of talking & moments where we just walked-simply enjoying each others company.We soaked up the beauty that surrounded us & were comforted by the calm this storm was bringing to us.

Some little moments we enjoyed over the weekend-

She made her own snow "ice cream" with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, M&M's & snow instead of ice cream. She liked it.
Dakota playing & getting stuck in the deep snow.
Tickle fights & looking through the amazing book that my mom made Kennadie for her 1st birthday. She hasn't opened it in a long time but the last few days she has been all about playing with it when we read stories before bed.  
Playing along with her made up words & games.
Making out Valentine's Day cards for two upcoming parties. This is the first year she wrote out the names by herself & signed her own name on the cards...until she got bored with it & I ended up having to do the rest :)  
 Lounging around in comfy clothes all weekend, cuddling & a face covered in hot chocolate. 
Josh making her a kick ass snow castle. Again. But he could do so much more with it this time with all the snow that we got. He made her hills to climb up & slide down, hiding spots & tunnels. This thing keeps her occupied for a long time!

More exploring in the woods...
Clear blue sky...
Beauty right outside our door...

And snowball fights.

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