Wednesday, January 23, 2013

pictures from our afternoon at the playground

The other day we decided to head on over to the playground after stopping by our vets to pick up (more) medicine for one of our cats. Although it's so cold here, it's really important for us to get out of the house as much as we can; I hate being stuck inside! The ride to our vets is really pretty & I had to pull over to take some pictures!

There was only one other mom & little girl at the playground but they didn't stay long at all (I don't blame them, it was really cold!) So Kennadie & I enjoyed having the playground to ourselves- running up the hill, watching her roll down it, pushing her on the swings, going down the slide together, playing hide & seek, & of course she had to make me "ice cream" with rocks. I don't think we ever leave a playground without playing ice cream shoppe :)  

Before we left we spread the blanket out on the cold grass & enjoyed a little picnic lunch. This little girl loves to talk...a LOT & I love breakfast & lunch time with her, just listening to her chat away about any & everything & answering all of her questions- What day is today? What time is it? When is Oma & Opa coming home? Why is there a piece of trash on the ground? Why does the cat need more medicine? If we have another baby where is the baby going to sleep? Can I feed the baby? Can I pick out a bed for the baby?...I love conversations with a three year old :)

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