Tuesday, January 15, 2013

catching up from last week & the weekend

There are times when I watch her during gymnastics class & I still can't believe she does this all on her own. I look down over the glass from where I sit & I can still "see" Kennadie & I down there during all of our mommy & me classes that we started taking when she was just 18 months old. As much as I love watching her grow, I hate it at the same time. So bittersweet.
I can't help but smile the entire time she is in ballet class. I absolutely love watching her & the way she tries her best to learn the dance moves. The way she hops from one leg to the other completely off beat from the music, but so adorable. The way she exudes confidence as she shuffles her little feet down the wood floor in the studio. And the way she doesn't bend her knees when she curtsey's at the end of a song, but instead she bows her head forward & gently lifts the end of her skirt out. It is all so precious.

Kennadie loves playing in the snow "castle" that daddy made her & the other day I brought paint outside so we could paint it. When I told her I was bringing out the paint she actually started screaming & crying; she threw a full blown tantrum. I brought it out anyways just in case she changed her mind & after playing in her castle for a bit, she opened the paint in the driveway & ended up having a blast painting as much snow as she could-coloring her castle with pinks, blues, & reds, & mixing the paint to make her own colors. She kept saying, "Mommy, this is so much fun painting the snow!" Ha, told ya kid :) It kept her busy for a good hour until I finally convinced her to come for a walk before it got too dark out. 

 My mom bought her the cutest miniature princess tea cup set for Christmas & she has been all about playing with it lately & making sure I only put "real" tea in the cups. The other day during lunch we filled up the tiny cups with tea & had a tea party. She even put her little pinkie finger up while sipping it :)

We had family bowling night this weekend with my parents & sister. We usually include them in almost everything we do & I wouldn't have it any other way. We are all so close & love spending time together & always have so much fun. My dad ended up winning & I tied with Kennadie. Shows you how awesome I am at bowling, I tied with a three year old :) 
My sister is a complete crossfit junkie & my dad is on Weight Watchers so we usually don't eat too much junk food-only on special occasions-but we definitely went all out this night with pepperoni & barbecue chicken pizza (it was a wrong order, but it wasn't too bad) & french fries. After we ate, we headed over to the other room to play some games. My dad won the jackpot on a game, not once but twice, so Kennadie ended up with over a thousand tickets! After playing for a while, we could tell she was getting tired so she picked out a few prizes with her tickets & we headed home. Such a fun night with family!  

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning when we have nothing planned is do any shopping that we may need to get done. Kennadie & I headed over to Michael's to pick out a birthday present for a friend & I found this adorable create your own story book. I had to get one for Kennadie too because I have been wanting to do something like this with her for a while now & this was just perfect!
We spent Sunday playing all morning, writing the story, & taking a nice walk. She brought along her new little dog that she won from all the tickets the night before, dressed it in doll clothes, & gave it baths in the muddy puddles. She had so much fun with this thing on our walk :) We tired her out so for the rest of the afternoon we all watched movies, relaxed, & Josh watched the Pats game. Perfect Sunday!


Kristin @littlemamajama said...

Cutest gymnast/ballerina ever! And that write-your-own storybook? SO AWESOME!!!

Jennifer said...

You guys do such fun stuff!!! Your daughter is so adorable in her gymnastics/ballet outfit. I just signed my daughter up for her first ballet class - just a trial - to see if she likes it. She's only 2, so I wouldn't be too disappointed if she needs another year before getting into a class. Love your photos! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Andrea Balcunas said...

Thanks Kristin, the book is cute right?!