Friday, December 14, 2012

this past week

The winters here are long & cold (& long). So every "warm" day that we get I make sure we get outside because it may be a few months before we have days like this again. She swung on tree branches, played in the dirt & with sticks, & we pretended we were in a jungle as we slowly made our way around our neighborhood.

Picnic lunches outside are a must in the summer & there was no way I was going to eat inside on such a nice day. Kennadie wasn't having it & put up a huge fight. She cried. And screamed. And cried some more. She made eating outside seem like torture. Giving in would have been much easier than dealing with her tantrum but this little episode reminded me of how I acted growing up. I gave my parents a hard time over everything; I was stubborn, & I kicked & screamed my way through the awful things they made us do-going for walks through the woods on a late Sunday afternoon, eating picnic lunches in our backyard with our dad while my mom took pictures, canoeing, camping. They were horrible for making us do these things :)

Looking back now, I can appreciate every moment & memory they created for us. Kennadie doesn't know it yet, but hopefully one day when she is a mom herself she will come to appreciate the little things we did for her- the little things that made an ordinary day even that much better. No matter how much she screams, kicks, or cries, I will remember how my parents never gave in & they always made it happen & I will do the same with her.

I bribed her with a juice box & luckily she changed her attitude around. She proudly showed us her school work from that morning & our blanket magically turned into a boat & we had to row fast to get away from the alligators & sharks that surrounded us.

Rudolph has been one her obsessions since before she was two. She watches this movie over & over, & after the first year of this we quickly learned that we have to hide the DVD in the summer or else we would be watching it then too.

Her Rudolph sticker display.

Santa delivered his letter to Kennadie & Rudolph signed the Nice List with his hoof print- She didn't believe that for one second. She stared at that hoof print & commented on how tiny it was. I was at a loss for words because I wasn't expecting her to notice something like that. Luckily, she went right on telling us that that isn't Rudolph's hoof print but it is Rudolph's baby's hoof print :)


AnnMarie said...

That last picture is the sweetest! My daughter is just like I was when I was younger and sometimes it is hard to take. Did I have to make everything so dramatic like she does now? Knowing what I know now, I didn't have to and I wish she wouldn't. :)

Love the Santa letters and the Rudolph stickers!

Andrea said...

It can be really hard to take!! Haha, yeah we call her our little drama queen :) Seems like so many of us go through this though right?