Wednesday, December 19, 2012

little dancer

For a moment, my eyes filled with tears as I watched Kennadie’s final practice in dance class before her recital. It was all so emotional. It feels like just yesterday I was taking mommy & me classes with her. And now? She is doing so many things on her own & all I can do is watch from the side & be her biggest cheerleader.

 She had her winter dance recital on Saturday & it really is pretty amazing to see how much she has grown & the way this little shy girl is slowly coming out of her shell. 
Two of her friends are in her dance class with her & it is so special that she gets to share this experience with them. We have known one of the girls since Kennadie was about 18 months old & I have pictures of them in the car coming back from a day at the beach-her little friend sitting there with a pacifier in her mouth; and now they are dancing on stage together.  
The girls danced to A Spoon Full of Sugar & my heart couldn’t take how adorable they all were-singing along, waving around a little red spoon in their hands, watching each other’s feet, trying their best at dancing. 

As much as watching her grow hurts in so many ways- I am so proud of her, I am proud of the way she is gaining confidence in herself, & I am so proud of the sweet & caring little girl that she is. 

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