Tuesday, December 18, 2012

christmas party magic

White Christmas lights draped around the windows, gingerbread & sugar cookie candles flickered throughout the house-filling the rooms with a warm scent, our favorite Christmas music turned up, & the lights low-giving the house an inviting & comfortable feeling. 

Having no idea how Kennadie would react & knowing a few of the kids are at that age when they see Santa they ask if it’s the “real” Santa or Santa’s helper; I wasn’t sure if we were going to pull this off. When Santa walked in our door I wanted as many kids as possible to believe this was Santa. The real Santa.

Josh & I went over all of the possible scenarios & questions the kids might ask- How did he get here? Where is his sleigh? Where are the reindeer? Not gonna lie- the thought of kids yanking on Santa’s beard & it falling off definitely popped into my head. 

But the night went better than I ever thought it was going to. There wasn't any questions asked, his beard stayed on his face, & seeing how excited the kids were was worth every minute of planning & setting up the party.

While everyone was arriving, I carefully snuck each present that the parents brought down to the garage so when Santa was ready he could put them in his big red bag.

The kids played, the adults chatted with each other in small groups, & we made our way into the kitchen to eat while waiting for the call from Josh to let me know that Santa was here. Everything was so delicious-meatballs covered in barbecue sauce & brown sugar, bean & veggie chili, chocolate cake pops, yellow buttery popcorn, & tortilla chips dipped in a warm cheesy dip.  

After we ate, I had the kids search for an envelope with a letter inside that said Santa was missing & we had to find him. There were clues hidden all around the house for the kids to find-in the Christmas tree, by the fireplace, in a reindeer bag, near the snowflakes that spread across the tables, & on a candy cane that was hanging from the lights in the kitchen. The last clue led the kids over to the front door; everyone grabbed their cameras & the kids waited to see if they found Santa.

The front door slowly opened as Santa peeked his head inside. 

 The kids shrieked, their faces lit up, & the amount of times I heard, “Mommy Santa is here!” melted my heart.

With excitement in their eyes, they watched Santa’s every move. They circled around him, anticipating what was going to happen next. 

He threw his big red bag over his shoulders & made his way over to the couch. He let out a loud, deep “Ho, Ho, Ho” & began to call out names, handing each child a gift.  

I could see happiness in their faces...
In almost all of their faces :) 

For a moment in time, everything was magical-

The way the kids played with Santa... 
How one of the kids became his little buddy & wouldn't leave his side...
And the way they watched him with wonder in their eyes & listened carefully as he spoke to them. 

Before Santa left, he had me sit down in front of everyone & pulled a gift out of his pocket. Josh & Santa planned a little surprise & gave me a beautiful charm for my Pandora bracelet. Although I hate being center of attention & probably turned bright red, it was so special & thoughtful of Josh (& Santa) to do this for me. My husband rocks :) 

He was absolutely amazing with the kids; I couldn’t have asked for a better Santa. We feel so incredibly blessed to have such an amazing person in our life to have taken time out of his day & do this for all of us.  We had an amazing night & we hope to have our special Santa come by each & every year, making this a new family tradition.  
my best friend brought me flowers cause she's sweet like that :)

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Kristin @littlemamajama said...

OMG the boy on Santa's lap with the frown cracked.me.up. haha!

What an awesome idea, and I love all your decorations!