Saturday, December 29, 2012

christmas eve pictures

We celebrated Christmas Eve at Josh’s sister's this year. I love seeing Kennadie with her cousin & we had a great time watching them play, eating good food, & enjoying our time together.  

grammy excited about her new computer
she loved helping her cousin open his gifts :) 

he kept playing with her hair-too precious

opening gifts

tracking santa

She only left Santa one cookie, she said that was all he needed. We left the cookies  cookie, 3 carrots, & milk (I jipped him on the milk) on the fireplace mantle for Santa & Rudolph. 
Josh & I spent the rest of the night wrapping presents, setting up Kennadie's new dress up area in her playroom, watching Home Alone, & just taking it all in. 
she loves wearing my ugg boots so when I saw these adorable pink boots I knew I had to get them for her :) 

Some pictures from the week

gift from Kennadie's Christmas party at school 

oh this damn gingerbread house, it kept falling apart on us so we finally gave up. but we had fun anyways :)  

my husband can finally geek out to his universe shows whenever he wants :) 

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