Thursday, December 6, 2012

all Christmas trees are perfect

There's only one picture of my sister & I when we were little picking out a real Christmas tree- outside in the snow, bundled up in winter jackets, mittens, & hats, our dad dragging the tree behind him back to the car. Other than this one time, we had a fake tree every year growing up.  

Josh & I started our own tradition once we moved in together picking out that perfect tree in the snow & cold. Kennadie experienced this for her first two Christmas's but last year we broke down & bought a fake tree. With the three cats, the dog, cleaning up after Kennadie, the animals, the house-I was just sick of cleaning up pine needles too. Although I miss the experience of going out in the cold to get a real tree, we make up for it in other ways. 

Decorating our tree has always been a special moment around Christmas time. We put the tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving & make a big deal of it- Christmas music playing in the background, my parents & sister come over, I look at each ornament as it takes me back in time for just a moment-reflecting on the memories that each one holds, watching a Christmas movie with the lights low, candles flickering, & the tree lit. 

If Kennadie wants a real tree as she gets older, I definitely will give her that experience, but for now I am enjoying the memories we are making, the traditions we are creating as a family, & not having to clean up after a tree :) 

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marebarenecessities said...

Hi Andrea!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful family Christmas memories - we just put up our tree last night and our tradition sounds similar - this has been a big night every year for me since I was a very little girl. I am not certain, but I think I might like this tradition almost as much as Christmas eve or day themselves. So beautiful, and so many memories!
As for your blog and your post 'changes' I LOVE it! Thank you so much for honoring what is true for you at this time. I went through a similar transition with my blog after my one-year project ended and I decided to take the blog in a different direction. It felt uncomfortable at first, vulnerable even, but it was the perfect thing to do. It has taken me down a completely unexpected but miraculous path - towards transformation!
So much love to you and your family on your journey through life together!