Sunday, December 16, 2012

a day with the girls to the Nutcracker

Dragging me to the Nutcracker in the middle of the day on a cold Sunday in December was the last thing I wanted to do when I was little. I wasn't the easiest child & my parents could have easily given up, let me win, & left me home on the days when I challenged them. And yes, I do remember this A happening on a few occasions :) But for the most part I had no choice; they made me come along to The Nutcracker, go on camping trips, or go walking around Boston to see Christmas lights. As ungrateful of a teenager as I was, I can see now why they did all of this for us. I wasn't able to fully understand & appreciate how important those memories would be until I became a mom myself. 

Kennadie & I had a date with my mom & sister to the Nutcracker last weekend. She wore her frilly Christmas dress; we ate whoopie pies & brownies & drank hot coffee before the show. 

Growing up, we always saw this show in Boston but since Kennadie is still so young we decided to wait on that & went to a smaller theater closer to home instead. This beautiful dimly lit theater has so much history. 
Kennadie sat on my lap throughout most of the show & I couldn't help but look down at her & smile every once in a while when I saw her little hands come together to clap along with everyone else. 
We ended our day going out to dinner-sipping on glasses of wine (chocolate milk for Kennadie), talking & laughing. It was such a great day spent with three of my favorite girls & filled with so many special memories. 

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AnnMarie said...

I saw some of these on Instagram and love to hear the story behind the pictures. Love sharing in this day with you.