Monday, November 12, 2012

our princess party sleepover

After dinner, she opened the princess party invitation that I made for her. 

"Yay, a princess sleepover!" 

She had been asking me for a few weeks now to have a "sleepover" in her room & I knew I wanted to make it extra special for her. 

The first thing she had to do was make a no boys allowed sign & she proudly hung it on her bedroom door. Every time Josh would break into our castle (aka her room) she would laugh hysterically & shout, "You can't come in here, princesses only daddy!"  

I made a scavenger hunt list & hid all of her princess figures around the house. She had a blast looking all over & finding the clues. 

At the end of the scavenger hunt she was led to the garage where Cinderella parked her carriage & left Kennadie a pink princess purse filled with a tiara, wand, feathered pen, princess tattoos, jewelry, lip-gloss, princess stickers, & sparkly nail files. The best part was that she believed Cinderella left these presents for her :)   

I found a "kiss the frog" picture online, cut out red lips, & we played pin the lips on the frog. There is something about being blind folded & getting dizzy that makes a 3 year old happy :) 

I dressed up in princess gear with her, we jumped on her bed, danced around her room, & acted silly together. 

At the end of the night, we ate our princess cupcakes in her bed & cuddled while we watched Cinderella. I read books to her until she rolled over to fall asleep.  

Her request for breakfast in the morning was mickey pancakes. I suck at making pancakes but she loved them & that's all that matters :) 

Our princess sleepover party was filled with great memories, a lot of laughs, & a ton of fun. These are the moments that I live for. 

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Kristin @littlemamajama said...

You are such a creative, awesome mom. Kennadie's a lucky little girl. :)