Monday, November 12, 2012

currently & photo dump

playing in the first snow of the season

Watching: The Jersey Shore. I never thought I would get into this show but one night I was in the mood to watch something that would make me laugh & well, the rest is history. This show cracks me up! It is so dumb but I love turning it on when I need to zone out for a bit & need a good laugh :) 

Listening to: One of those Nights by Tim McGraw. Love this song right now! 

Thinking about: How ready I am to be pregnant again. Ugh, this has been a long 10 months & has taught me a lot about patience but I am so ready for this to happen. I can't wait to be pregnant again & I am hoping this happens soon. I have been charting my BBT & my temps have been a bit higher the last two days then they have been since I started charting so that is giving me a little hope that there could possibly be a slight chance this month. But then the negative thoughts take over & tell me that it's probably nothing. 

Looking forward to: Christmas shopping & Christmas! I love Christmas time & can't wait to start shopping for Kennadie, listening to Christmas music in the car, watching Home Alone & Elf, decorating the tree, & wrapping presents with Christmas music on in the background. Ah, it's the best! 

Reading: Wild Mind by Natalie Goldberg. Such a great book! I enjoy reading about writing & I love doing the writing exercises in this book. 

Making me happy:  The moments with Kennadie when we are singing & dancing around our living room. Last weekend, Josh & I went out to dinner & I had a few glasses of wine so I was feeling pretty nice when we got home :)  Kennadie was still up so I grabbed some music from my car, turned it up, & we jammed out in the living room to Benny & the Jets by Haley Reinhart, Three Little Birds by Bob Marley, Pontoon by Little Big Town, whatever we had that was fun & upbeat. She stayed up late with us dancing & singing. This was one of the funnest nights I have had with her. These moments are the ones I will forever remember. 

Currently Kennadie's favorites: 

Fave toy: Her "guys". She has two buckets full of figures- the entire Little Mermaid set, Cinderella set, Lion King set, it goes on & on. These have been her favorite toys to play with for at least a year now & she is still obsessed with them! She will play with these for hours :)  

Fave show/movie: Kennadie loves Doc McStuffins & Berenstain Bears right now & is still into Dora. It's so funny because a few weeks ago we were watching some videos that we took when she was around a year old & we have her on video grabbing the remote, holding it up, & looking at me saying "Doh-rah". It's so crazy to me that almost 3 years later she still likes Dora :) She also still loves The Lion King movie & Madagascar. She can watch these over & over without getting sick of them! 

Fave song: Right now she loves We are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift. And she has been into Benny & the Jets by Haley Reinhart again. Last year, she loved this song & (like everything else) she got sick of it & moved on to different songs but she has been into it again lately. It is so cute watching her sing it! 

Fave food: She loves spaghetti-any type of noodles is her favorite. 

Fave book: She is loving the Berenstain Bear books right now :) 

Fave activity: Playing with her guys, playing with me, & anything outside-whether we are playing in the backyard or going for a walk, she loves being outdoors. 

New things doing/saying: She is writing her name & writing letters- she is doing so good with it. She is also starting to read with us. I have been getting the ready to read books at the library & she loves them! 

We are terrible at making snowmen!! I was laughing at it & she got so mad at it that she whacked the entire head off!! 

She got to vote at school. Tigger didn't brush his teeth & thought it was OK to eat junk food whenever you want. Pooh brushed his teeth twice a day & only ate sweets once in a while. She voted for Pooh & he won :) 

Currently posts are inspired by Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet. Kennadie's favorites were inspired by Kristin at Little Mama Jama


Kimberly said...

Confession: I love Jersey Shore.
Making me happy makes me happy too.
And I love learning about you xo

Kristin @littlemamajama said...

Thanks for the link back! I think it'll be so fun to look at these posts when our kids are older and we can't remember all the little details. :)

I love that they got to vote at school! And the snowman story - so funny!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you this month. Big hugs.

Andrea said...

Haha, so funny right?!
Thanks Kim :) xo

Andrea said...

Thanks Kristin I appreciate it :) hugs!!