Sunday, October 14, 2012

the good stuff: simplicity

I am a warm weather girl for sure. Give me flip flops, a tank top, the ocean, & warm sunshine & I am as happy as can be. Growing up, I dreaded summer turning into fall because that meant I would soon be dealing with freezing cold temperatures, snow, & my car stuck in our driveway. It made me miserable. 

The way that I think about this has changed now that I have a daughter. I am beginning to appreciate all of the seasons just a little bit more, & this fall is starting out pretty awesome. It's the simple things: jumping in the sad thing we called a pile of leaves, baking & eating warm apple pies, making fall & Halloween crafts, the yellow, orange, & red on the trees somehow looking more beautiful than I ever noticed before, & cuddling under a soft warm blanket watching movies on a chilly night. 

I Kennadie loves the Pinkalicious books. We read Pinkalicious & the Pink Pumpkin like 50 times & she thought that pink pumpkin was just so cool. So, of course she had to make one of her own :)   

Every week when we get back from the library, she dumps out all of the new books on the living room floor, finds a comfy spot to lie down on, & starts "reading". She will do this for a good hour. I absolutely love watching her do this! 

One of my favorite things to do with Kennadie is crafts. I am not the best "player" when it comes to playing with her toys, but I am really good at finding something to paint or make together. I love this time with her, & thankfully she enjoys doing these projects with me too :) 

Ever since Kennadie was a baby, I have been in love with her little feet. We were hanging out on the couch the other night & when I looked down, her little feet just looked so stinkin' cute! I couldn't help but take a picture. I love how small they still are, & the chipped nail polish, & the way her big toe is resting on her other toe-just like mine used to do. So precious! 


Kimberly said...

I love the winter far more now than when I was childless. For sure. I hated it. I still kind of do but I can find the fun in it :)

Andrea said...

Me too Kim. But usually after December-I am sooo over the winter!! It can be sooo long :)