Sunday, October 28, 2012

photo dump: our last two weeks

The last few weeks have been crazy busy! Josh started a new position at work, we have had appointments almost every day, birthday parties, play dates, & well- life! I pretty much dumped a bunch of pictures from the last week or two on here because it's important to me to keep up with pictures & recording moments in our life since I didn't keep up with any of it when Kennadie was a baby & I now wish I had! 

Kennadie had her 6 month dentist visit. She was so good & thought the "sunglasses" were pretty awesome :) On our way home we stopped at the playground & played hide & seek together, went down the slide too many times to count, made ice cream for each other with rocks, & I pushed her on the swings (still one of her favorite things to do). 

I can't get enough of these little moments- the two of us playing at the playground, dressing up, or just hanging out with my little B.F.F. :)

Sometimes when I look through pictures I am reminded how easy it is to forget the simple things that happen in life. I have always been that girl rushing from one thing to the next, not noticing the beauty around me at the time, never slowing down enough to really be in the moment. M (my counselor) is teaching me a lot about living in the moment & slowing down. This is opening up a whole new way of living for me-I am noticing these little but very precious moments more. The slow mornings when her hair is a mess, the way her pajamas look so warm & comfy on her, & chit chatting for an hour over breakfast are the moments I want to hold on to, the moments I want to really remember, the moments I want to slow down & truly enjoy. I think I am beginning to get the hang of it. And it's a beautiful thing.  

That same day where I thought she was all adorable with her messy hair & her feetie pajamas- well something didn't go her way (I don't even remember what it was now) but she spoke the words I have been dreading- "I don't love you anymore, I don't like you!" Ahhh! Really?! She is 3! I didn't think those words were going to come out of her mouth until she was much older! I was obviously all sorts of wrong about that! I have no idea where she even got this from & for a second my heart broke. But I reminded myself that she has no idea what this even means & that yes, of course she loves me :) 

On our way to one (of many) birthday parties, Kennadie & I were talking about if one day she would like a baby sister or brother. Her response? "No way! We already have 3 kitties & 1 dog, we don't wanna waste." What??! Doesn't even make sense, but it was pretty funny how she came up with this answer! 

Both Kennadie & I had our first bee sting experience at the party. While eating at the picnic table, a hornet flew up her jacket & stung her wrist. She was screaming & flailing her arms. I felt so bad! But she was a trooper & got over it pretty fast. And then right after she calmed down, a bee stung me on my neck! Really?!  

The kids (& adults) had a blast chasing each other & having snowball fights with the huge pile of snow from the ice skating rink. It was a great afternoon playing games, running around on the playground, & spending time with good friends. 

We decorated Halloween cookies with friends this week, did some Halloween crafts, & have been spending a lot of time outside-playing with sidewalk chalk, going for walks, Kennadie riding her bike, & just hanging out in the backyard. 

I have been enjoying some (much needed) alone time every morning. Josh gets up at 5am for his new job & instead of sleeping in, I have been getting up with him. I am loving this time I have each morning. After he leaves, I have some time to get a little work done, sip my coffee outside, & watch the sun rise through the trees in the backyard. It's incredibly peaceful & a great way to start my day. 

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