Sunday, September 9, 2012

memories this week

This was the last full week before Kennadie starts preschool again. We did a lot of getting ready for back to school: talking about it, reading books on going back to school, clothes shopping with Kennadie's Nana & Oma, & she went for her trim which resulted in her hair being chopped off!

I have been volunteering on the warmline for PSI for a month now & I am really loving this! Providing support & resources to moms & families dealing with a PPMD is incredibly rewarding & I'm so happy to be a part of such an amazing organization! 

This week Kennadie was all about writing letters & writing her name! My mom & sister sometimes call  her Kenna (for a nickname) so as I watched her write Kenna on her own with no problem, I knew that she could write her full name out too. She kept insisting that she couldn't do it. So, I may or may not have bribed her with a piece of candy to write her full name out. 

I knew she could do it & I was so proud of her when she did! 

Kennadie has had us read Christian the Hugging Lion Pinkalicious & the Pink Pumpkin every night this week. I had no idea that Christian the Hugging Lion was based on a true story! This book is about two men, John & Ace, who saw a lion cub for sale at a department store. They took him home to love & raise, but once Christian the lion was too big they knew they had to bring him to Africa where he belonged. They were told that Christian would never remember them, but a year later when John & Ace went to visit him in the wild, it was obvious that he remembered exactly who they were! 
After reading this book, we watched the online video of their reunion & it brought me to tears! Such a beautiful story!! 

We spent the day on Saturday with friends at a local fair. Of course Kennadie had to get on that ferris wheel as soon as she saw it! We went on rides, saw all of the animals & ate too much fried food. 

These are my favorite kind of days with Kennadie :) 

love their smiles :) 

Oh & the horse show at the fair was so cool. There's a thing called vaulting??!! Gymnastics on horseback?! How did I not know about this?! I used to ride when I was younger & I love horses, so this was by far the coolest thing I saw here :) 

seriously, how cool is this?! 

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