Monday, September 17, 2012

memories this week

Our days have been filled with dancing in our kitchen & singing in the car to fastest girl in town, pontoon & the latest-we are never ever getting back together. Her little face lights up when these songs come on the radio & I drop whatever it is that I may be doing & just dance & sing with her. 

Right now she is in love with the book Christian the Hugging Lion (still). Snuggling on her bed reading stories at night, we must read this book & then watch the video. Over & over & over. I cried the first 30 times we saw it but I'm getting better now at keeping it together :) 

This week she has been into learning how to spell everything. I find it so adorable when she is in the backseat of the car & I hear her quietly saying, "fa, fa, fa, fox...f-o-x, fox" :) 

I soak in all of these little moments & try to hold onto them for as long as I can because I know next month it will be a different song, a different book & new words. It's the little things that melt my heart! 


Kennadie is much more comfortable riding her bike now. Maybe a little too comfortable. She thinks it's so cool to go "fast" down the hill to our house when we are out on our walks. Me? I don't think it's so cool. I am that mom who is terrified, running next to her, trying to grab onto the handle bars as she pedals fast! 

                Painting acorns soon turned into getting messy & painting the driveway with our hands :)  

When I was pregnant, I remember telling everyone how I wasn't going to be "that mom" who dressed her little girl in pink all-the-time. And I was definitely not one for putting my daughter in dresses every day either. Nope. Not me. Wanted nothin' to do with any of that. Well, having a 3 year old who wants to be a princess when she grows up changes all of that thinking. I am no longer in control. & yes all the girly stuff has definitely grown on me...OK I absolutely LOVE the pink & frilly stuff! It's pink all the way with her, along with dresses, skirts, princess shoes & tutu's. 

For our moms night out this month we went to a Paint Bar. The music was loud & upbeat, the atmosphere was amazing, & this place is so much fun. We were taught step by step how to paint a swan boat painting. Although I am obviously no artist, I absolutely loved painting. A blank canvas in front of me, mixing colors, music in the was all just so relaxing. I am hoping to be able to do this more often :) 

A dear friend is getting married in two weeks so Saturday night we all went out for a hibachi celebration. Our cook was so much fun & made the night that much better when he asked  forced half of us to drink waaayyy too much sake. The night was full of laughs with some great friends. I am so excited for their wedding & couldn't be happier for the two of them. They are just one of those couples that seems like they have known each other forever. They are adorable together & we wish them nothing but happiness! 

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