Friday, September 7, 2012

little moments

Wrapped in her favorite leopard cape at the salon, Kennadie climbs her little body up in the black chair & softly states, "I want my hair cut short. I want my hair cut to my shoulders.”  

I gently remind her “It won’t be long again tomorrow you know. It will take a while before it grows back out.”

“I know, mommy!”  

I’d be lying if I said my stomach wasn’t in knots as I watched long pieces of blonde hair fall to floor.

But it wasn’t about the hair cut at all.

This was the Kennadie that I have known for the last few years, & I was now trying to grasp the reality that my little three year old really isn’t a “baby” anymore.

She has her own personality.

Her own ideas.

Her own likes & dislikes. 

After her hairdresser cut the last piece of long hair, she spun the chair around so Kennadie could get a good look at the “new her” in the mirror.  

We couldn’t help but crack up laughing when Kennadie shrieked with excitement, touching her hair, smiling, & posing as she admired her hair cut. 

It was obvious she loved her new look! 

This was one of those moments where I realized how fast these last three years have gone by.

A moment where I looked at her, & although only three, I saw a maturity in her that I hadn’t noticed before.

A moment where I wanted to stop time.

Where I wanted to tell her to slow down.

This was one of those small but precious moments that I won’t soon forget. 


Sanny said...

You have a really cute lil daughter. My best friend is also a mommy to a girl who turned one year last month. I spend lots of times with them and I see how fast she is growing, that she loves to walk all the time, tries to speak and knows already what she likes and what not.
This week I visited them again, and my friend told me that it's unbelievable for her that two years ago, that little life hadn't existed and now she's here and her everything. She can't imagine her life without her and don't wanna miss a single day. She also said that she never thought that life would pass by this quickly, that one year has gone so fast.
I don't have kids on my own yet, but I know what she means. Being a mother has to be something special.

Wish you a great weekend!!!

ocdtalk said...

Haircut looks great! Good for you for letting her choose her style and make a decision on her own. I've found over the years that even when I think my kids are making "bad" decisions, they usually do know what's right for themselves.

krystal lynn said...

There is something that pulls at a mom's heart strings when our babies are growing and all of a sudden making decisions on their own, which we really want them to do, but we still want to protect them. I went through this with mine and now I am seeing my children watch their children spread their wings and become these truly beautiful and unique little individuals.
The haircut and your daughter is beautiful...and she is glowing, I can tell she is very happy!

Andrea said...

Thank you Sanny! I appreciate you stopping by :) I remember when I was younger how time seemed to go by so slowly, summer vacations off from school seemed to last forever, couldn't wait to turn 16, then 18, then I just want to slow it all down!! Hope you have a great weekend too!

Andrea said...

Thanks! I really love it on her, it took me a good hour to get used to it & as soon as I saw how short it was, I thought oh no my husband's gonna flip!! (He is horrible with ANY change!!) but he loves it too :)

I agree, I want her to have her own personality & make her own decisions on certain things, even at a young age. I think it is good for them!

Alisha said...

Beautiful! Your words, your daughter, everything about this post is just lovely.