Thursday, August 2, 2012

our mini vaca

We took a little vacation last week & although it was only for a few days, we needed it!! Anytime I go away I make sure that I really live in the moment & disconnect from the phone, email & TV. I always feel so refreshed after taking a few days off & enjoying the simple things without any distractions. 

Before speaking out & getting the help for the intrusive thoughts from PPA/PPOCD, I noticed that anytime we went away on vacation or there was some type of change (like when we moved), it was always a huge trigger for me. Intrusive thoughts would come on strong & anxiety would consume me. I have only recently realized that even good stresses (such as a vacation) can most definitely be triggering for someone with anxiety or OCD. 

I am happy to say that this vacation, I felt a tiny bit of anxiety from time to time but nothing like it used to be. I was really able to relax & enjoy our time away!  

My dad & Josh came down with us on Sunday night & we ate at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. I fell in love with this place while Josh & I were vacationing in Florida a few years ago. This restaurant has a great atmosphere & is so much fun.  

Balloon hats! Kennadie has a butterfly & she had them make me an elephant :) 

Since my dad & Josh both had to work on Monday, us girls spent the day together. We woke up late, ate too much for breakfast & hung out in the pool & hot tub all morning. That afternoon, we found an amazing little restaurant at the ocean. We took our time, walked on the dock, ate a delicious lunch outside on the deck overlooking the water & watched the boats come & go. 

Perfect girls day! 

Me, my sister & Kennadie. 

Great little restaurant at the ocean. 

Kennadie, my mom & sister at lunch. 

She loved watching the boats come & go! 

Walking along the dock. 

Josh came back down Monday night & Tuesday we all spent the day at the ocean. This beach is definitely one of the best around.  We were all able to have time for ourselves to relax by taking turns playing with Kennadie. She even spent a good amount of time relaxing by laying out & playing quietly in the sand. I took some time & sat in the beach chair, dug my toes in the sand, watched the waves crash against the rocks & listened to Kenny Chesney.  The ocean is so healing & peaceful to me. 

Me, Josh & Kennadie. 

So beautiful here! 

Cooling off at the spray park. 

My mom, sister, me, Josh & Kennadie. 

Daddy & his little girl. 

The carousel. Kennadie loved this :) 

Tuesday was our last night here & we ate dinner at the buffet in the hotel. The buffet wrapped around the entire restaurant. It was huge! And soo delicious!! 
Being silly, stuffing their faces :) 

We were obsessed with these corn muffins! 

Not necessarily proud of it, but yes I did eat this entire plate of desserts :) 

Kennadie got her second wind after dinner so we headed over to the kids area at the hotel. We had a blast playing games with her. Of course her favorite part was winning tickets so she could pick out prizes :)  
So serious! 


So precious when they are sleeping :) 


Kristin Novotny said...

Ow ow! Looking gorgeous, girl! lol

So glad that you had a fun vacation! Looks like it was a blast. :)

Andrea said...

haha Kristin you are funny :) Thank you!!!