Sunday, August 19, 2012

memories this week

I love a lazy Sunday every now & then. Since Josh works every Saturday, we don't get much family time on the weekends to really relax. Most weekends we are busy with friends & family, working on the yard or catching up on getting things done around the house. We didn't have to go anywhere this past Sunday so we lounged around the house in our pj's all day cuddling, reading, painting our nails & playing. We found a new hobby too: painting. We picked up some supplies at Michaels & now we are hooked! 

Kennadie painting her birdhouse that she picked out. She really got into the painting & was very serious while doing it! 

Sunday morning cuddles & reading in bed :) 

This summer is going by so fast! I had a list of some great places that I wanted to take Kennadie but we haven't had time to do it all! We finally made it to the zoo last week though & had a blast. We spent most of the day here with some friends. Kennadie wasn't ready to leave after they all left, so we had some quality time together that afternoon. We giggled as we ran through the mist tent to cool off, we talked about all of the animals we saw & we spent a ton of time in the petting area. On the car ride home we sang at the top of our lungs to "Pontoon" by Little Big Town over & over. She loves this song just as much as I do :) These are my favorite kind of days with her & I only wish these days could last forever. 

Kennadie loved this little guy :) 

Kennadie had her last swim lesson of the summer!! I can't believe it is already over! I enjoyed every second of watching her in that pool every week. I am so proud of her & it's so incredible to see how far she has come. She mastered dunking her face in the water, she swam under the water once & it was so cool to watch her learn how to swim on her own without any help or floats! 

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Kristin Novotny said...

What a little cutie-pie! Love that you two have so much fun together. :)